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160815 | Hayle Harbour silting 'is dangerous' | BBC Local Live: Devon & Cornwall on Monday 15 August 2016 - BBC News


Hayle Harbour silting 'is dangerous'

BBC Radio Cornwall

A number of boats have "got caught" in Hayle Harbour because of silt, a local adviser says.

The channel into the port used to be kept clear through a process called sluicing but that hasn't been done since the 1980s.

John Bennett, chairman of the Hayle Harbour Advisory Committee, said: "Coming across the bar at the entrance to the harbour is dangerous. You get caught on it, you get turned sideways and boats get flipped over, and we've had a death."


Did we all see Hayle back on the map in spotlight today? Apparen

Did we all see Hayle back on the map in spotlight today? Apparently there's a big kick off about the harbour being left to ruin and soon to be useless as a harbour.

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Peter F Clemo
Peter F Clemo I was out talking to the guys fitting the motors on the pumps motors on the sluices out on the spit last week. it's starting to come together. Interesting fella to chat to, reckons they have to dredge a channel down the side of the cockle bank before any sluicing can take place. Apparently the cockle bank isn't as dense as the sea bed floor and the sluicing will erode it...all good stuff
Stephen Cornish
Stephen Cornish I was sort of confused by the article as I thought plans at the harbour were coming along nicely.
Ken Townend
Ken Townend Motors all fitted to the tunnels yesterday. looking good. May not be used for a long time though, by the sound of it.
Peter F Clemo
Peter F Clemo whats the hold up now? bleddy harbour will become a wading bird sanctuary before anything gets done, all silted up
David Clemo
David Clemo You can wade across to Porth Kidney sands at low tide. The river mouth is almost 100 yards east of where it used to be
Rick Cornwall
Rick Cornwall But not advised. I've seen a few people stuck trying to climb out. There's a lot of water in that channel.
Tania Grey
Tania Grey I watched a couple do it a few weeks ago, they had to pick their way but didn't have much trouble
Gem Buck
Gem Buck I thought they had spruced it up, There was a nice flower display planted in plastics boats along the harbour and the gardens next to the harbour looks like it's going to be ready soon. They are improving it slowly :)
Martin Pierce
Martin Pierce When you walk around the harbour there is a lot of damage to the new lights that have been broken for eight months and concrete breaking up in areas when will these be fixed???
Tania Grey
Tania Grey Is this a made for tv story, surely we as the people of Hayle would have heard about it? Or is it based only on that small area of harbour wall that collapsed?

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