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Governing Body meeting

NHS Cornwall Events - Tue, 02/02/2021 - 12:30
Information on NHS Kernow's February 2021 Governing Body meeting.
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Governing Body meeting

NHS Cornwall Events - Tue, 01/12/2020 - 12:30
Information on NHS Kernow's December 2020 Governing Body meeting.
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Cornwall Council produces three COVID-19 information packs to help people and businesses access support during pandemic

Cornwall Council - Latest News - Wed, 21/10/2020 - 18:29

Cornwall Council has produced three information packs.  They are aimed at helping residents, businesses and voluntary organisations get the help they need during these uncertain times.

The first is a community pack. This will be made available to community groups across the county.  It will help them to make sure residents, including the most vulnerable, have access to the right support.

It contains information and advice on issues such as:

  • finances
  • council tax
  • food provision
  • help for those facing eviction
  • how to access a COVID-19 test

The second is a business pack. This is aimed at any organisation that employs staff, including schools and charities.

The pack provides general information on the support available to businesses. It also features guidance on what to do if one or more employees test positive for coronavirus.

The third is a self-isolation pack. This is aimed at reassuring residents that support is available throughout their period of home isolation. Including a £500 support grant for people on lower incomes.

This pack also reminds people:

  • what self-isolation means
  • why it is important
  • how long it needs to be maintained depending on symptoms, household bubbles, NHS Test and Trace contact and test results

The packs will be made available to community groups and businesses from this week as well as on the Healthy Workplaces website. They are also available in different languages to ensure they are as accessible to as many people as possible.

Cllr Sally Hawken, Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children, Wellbeing and Public Health, said: “Cornwall Council’s number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of our residents. We will continue to work hard to protect our communities and provide them with the information they need to access vital support and services.

“We’ve been fortunate so far in Cornwall as we’ve seen relatively few COVID-19 cases compared to other areas of the country but we can’t afford to be complacent. With this in mind I would urge everyone to keep following public health guidance, however difficult this might be. We know it can be a struggle. These three packs will help community groups, businesses and residents access vital help and support provided by the council and its partners.”

Rachel Wigglesworth, Director of Public Health for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, said: “It’s normal to feel anxious if you get a positive test result or a text from NHS Test and Trace. We want residents to know that the council is here to offer support and help them through a difficult time.

“It is crucial that everyone plays their part in sticking to the rules and guidance so we can keep infection rates down and stay on top of the virus here in Cornwall.”

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Cornwall Council echoes 'don't visit from high risk areas' message

Cornwall Council - Latest News - Wed, 21/10/2020 - 18:29

Cornwall Council is echoing calls from tourism industry leaders to stop holidaymakers heading to Cornwall from any ‘Tier 3’ lockdown areas.

Those living under the highest level of restrictions in England are advised by the Government not to travel out of their areas except under exceptional circumstances.

Malcolm Bell, the chief executive of Visit Cornwall, has recommended  accommodation providers not to take bookings from anyone living in the affected areas, and to cancel any planned visits from anyone already booked in into accommodation or visiting friends and relatives, unless the stay is one of the exceptions in the Government guidance.

The Government guidance states ‘people should avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK if they are resident in a ‘Very High’ area, or avoid staying overnight in a ‘Very High’ area if they are resident elsewhere’.

Mr Bell said: “We all need to play our part in limiting the spread and intensity of the Covid 19 crisis by reinforcing the Government guidance for areas with high level and high restriction, but also that everyone in Cornwall, visitor or residents must double our efforts with hand washing, the wearing of face coverings where required and especially social distancing.”

Cllr Julian German, leader of Cornwall Council, said: “Our first priority is to keep our residents safe during this pandemic and ensure that undue strain is not placed on our health service.

“It is not easy, especially after such a difficult year, to ask any business to turn trade away, but these are exceptional circumstances and we are asking everyone to work with us to keep Cornwall safe.

“In Cornwall we are seeing relatively low numbers of infections, which is welcome. However, we know from other areas of the country how quickly the picture can change.

“I am not willing to undo the fantastic work of our public health team in keeping our residents safe, and that is why I am asking those who visit us to follow the rules. Do not travel to Cornwall if you live in a high-risk area and help us to keep Cornwall safe.

“Our tourism industry is a vital part of the Cornish economy, and we all look forward to the day when we can welcome visitors back with no restrictions.

“However, while we remain in such a precarious position with regards to the pandemic, we must continue to protect our residents.”

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Marilyn GOSS - Falmouth Packet

Hayle and Angarrack news | Google - Wed, 21/10/2020 - 13:04
Marilyn GOSS  Falmouth Packet
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Bike to School Week came to Cornwall and prizes were won by local schools

Cornwall Council - Latest News - Wed, 21/10/2020 - 10:54

Penponds School were Cornwall’s lucky winners during National Bike to School Week. The initiative which aims to get more people on two wheels was organised by  Sustrans, Bikeablity and Cornwall Council.

Schools that took part in Bike to School Week were entered into a prize draw and Penponds School, near Camborne, was the lucky winner, winning £100 worth of bike accessories, with St Mary’s C of E, Truro runner up, winning £50 of kit.

Cycling and other forms of active travel, like walking or scooting, are great options for getting to school, especially during the Covid crisis for health, environmental reasons and to aid social distancing. Bike to School week aimed to encourage more children and families to give it a to.

Paul Hooper, year 5/6 teacher at Penponds, said “The whole week raised the profile of walking or biking to school. I think it’s a brilliant initiative. It's inspired everyone at the school, parents and children, to think about how they get to school, and to consider the different choices they make.

“Especially at this time, when everyone is being asked to think about ways to be fit and healthy, cycling is more valuable than ever. It's great that children are introduced to it in a safe way at such a young age.

Wendy Chapman from St Mary’s said “The children were really enthused by actively travelling to school and were prompting parents to use a method other than the car.  Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse later in the week but there were still some hardy souls”

Sustrans is working with schools in selected towns in Cornwall to provide children with the skills and information necessary to allow them to take to two wheels (or two feet) for the journey to school on a regular basis.

Nick Ratcliffe, one of Sustrans’ Active Travel Officers, said: “Walking and cycling to school is a great way for our children to get the exercise they need every day to keep healthy, and research shows it allows them to become better students in the classroom.  And let’s not forget it’s fun, too!

“I’d like to say a great big well done to all the pupils who got involved with Bike to School Week and hope to see many of them continuing to choose to walk, cycle or scoot to school.”

During Bike to School Week, Sustrans officers delivered ‘Dr Bike’ safety checks on over 120 bikes that were cycled to school and delivered cycle skills to 60 pupils. The team has also created free resources to help pupils, parents and schools choose active travel. These can be downloaded from our Active Travel pages. 

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We’re after your views on Cornwall’s fire risk

Cornwall Council - Latest News - Wed, 21/10/2020 - 09:05

How does Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) assess fire safety risk, and allocate its resources to inspect premises, maximise safety and minimise fire?

The people of Cornwall are being asked by the Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee (NOSC) to take part in a review of this vital subject, and provide views in writing by 13 November 2020. Cornwall’s Fire Authority comprises of all 123 elected Cornwall Councillors, overseeing the policy and delivery of Cornwall’s fire and rescue services. Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Protection has portfolio responsibilities relating to CFRS. But scrutiny of the CFRS Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) is provided through NOSC which holds CFRS to account on behalf of the Fire Authority.

As part of its statutory scrutiny responsibilities, the Committee reviews a CFRS Annual Statement of Assurance for each year covered by the IRMP, which is a backward looking document aimed at providing assurance that CFRS is delivering an efficient, effective and value for money service and is working within the financial parameters set out in the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan.

The requirements for assurance are set out in the Fire and Rescue National Framework for England. This document also states that Fire and Rescue authorities must make provision for promoting fire safety, including fire prevention, and have a locally determined risk-based inspection programme in place for enforcing compliance with the provisions of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in premises to which it applies.

CFRS has a Risk Based Inspection Programme which highlights high risk non-domestic properties which are identified through CFRS’s evidence profile. Premises type, history of incidents, occupancy and use are all key to assessing the risk of fire across Cornwall.In holiday seasons our population can swell from the resident half a million to over 850,000.

In Cornwall high risk is defined as:

• Premises that provide sleeping accommodation where people would find escape in an emergency difficult due to a lack of mobility and/or a lack of familiarity with the building layout - includes hospitals, residential care homes, hotels/ B&Bs and hostels

• Premises that have had a fire and CFRS has attended

• Premises where CFRS has received a complaint or concern from a member of the public.

Working with businesses and supporting the economy is key to CFRS’s programme of work. However where non-compliance with fire safety continues, CFRS will take enforcement action in line with their statutory duty. In order to meet the Government inspection guidelines CFRS should review its Risk Based Inspection Programme (RBIP). It is going through this process now and as part of the process, NOSC is undertaking its review, gathering evidence from witnesses representing a wide range of organisations to build an evidence base from which it will make recommendations to the Council’s Cabinet.

The committee is also seeking the views of the public to help with its work. If you have any views you would like to share on this subject, the Committee would be grateful to hear from you.    

Cllr Carolyn Rule who chairs NOSC and who is also chairing its review  said: “The cornerstone of a successful Risk Based Inspection Programme across a large and complex geographical area like Cornwall is ensuring that Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service personnel are appropriately trained in fire safety, are based in the right locations and are provided with efficient and effective processes and equipment to target risk.”

“But risk can change, being affected by factors such as national events, new industrial development, change of building  use and the storage of flammable and hazardous materials. So CFRS must continually assess, review, and adapt.”

“NOSC is responsible for the oversight and scrutiny of CFRS and therefore for this important inspection process. By undertaking our ‘deep dive’ into the current arrangements and where change may be needed, we will hear evidence from our witnesses and carefully study the responses from members of the public. I hope people will contribute to this vital process, in order to help to keep Cornwall safe.”

If you have any views you wish to share on how well CFRS is currently assessing fire safety risk and how Cornwall’s fire safety resources might be better allocated or improved, your contribution could be invaluable, and ultimately lifesaving. The risk-based inspection process is less focused on domestic properties and more on Cornwall’s commercial sites and traffic including short term letting accommodation.

If you wish to take part please get in touch in writing by 12 noon on Friday 13 November 2020, by contacting:

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ROSPA and Cornwall Council join forces to stop accidental poisonings

Cornwall Council - Latest News - Tue, 20/10/2020 - 14:34

Families in Cornwall are being urged by the Royal Society for the Prevention Accidents (RoSPA) and Cornwall Council to take action to protect their children from the risks of household cleaning products.

The latest phase of the Take Action Today, Put Them Away campaign, funded by the UK Cleaning Products Industry Association (UKCPI), has been virtually launched by the Healthy Under 5s Team at Healthy Cornwall.  Early Years settings in Cornwall have joined the campaign and will distribute vital safety information to their families. 

This follows the scheme’s success in 26 areas of the UK including Birmingham, Liverpool, King’s Lynn, Nottingham, Newcastle, Bradford, Lincolnshire, Warwickshire and Northern Ireland where 400,000 families have been helped to prevent poisoning and eye injuries.

In Cornwall, accidental poisonings accounted for 125 emergency admissions for 0 – 4 year olds between 2016/17- 2018/19.

As part of the campaign, a handy magnetic notepad featuring key safety advice will be handed out to thousands of families by childcare providers and health visitors.

Ashley Martin, RoSPA’s acting public health adviser, said: “The notepad acts as a constant reminder in family kitchens to store cleaning products out of reach, out of sight and in a locked cupboard.

“Due to their inquisitive nature, children under the age of five are most at risk of accidentally swallowing or getting household cleaning products, like liquid laundry capsules, into their eyes. Even products with a child-resistant closure cannot guarantee safety - they only reduce the risk by delaying access to the product.”

Philip Malpass, from the industry’s trade body, the UKCPI, said: “Cleaning products are designed to be safe to use and to provide the clean and hygienic home we often take for granted today. The accidents we see involving young children and cleaning products are avoidable and whilst the severity of the injuries are generally low, we hope that this campaign will remind parents to follow the usage instructions on the packaging, and in so doing, avoid unnecessary accidents.”

Cabinet Member for Children, Public Health and Wellbeing, Sally Hawken said: “There are so many hidden dangers lurking in the family home and it is vitally important that parents are aware and informed. We are committed to ensuring children get the best start in life and I welcome this partnership with RoSPA on this vitally important subject.” 

Take action today, put them away advice to parents includes:

•          Store household cleaning products out of reach of children, preferably in a locked cupboard

•          Always store chemicals in their original containers

•          Never pierce or break laundry capsules or tablets

•          Always close the lid of any product

•          In the event of an incident, follow advice on the product pack and seek medical attention.

UKCPI is the leading trade association representing UK producers of cleaning and hygiene products from household soaps, washing powders, liquids, disinfectants, air care and polishes to the professional cleaning and hygiene products used in industrial and institutional applications.

It provides advice and guidance to manufacturers, distributors and users of cleaning and hygiene products. UKCPI also works in partnership with policymakers, the public and the media, to inform public discussions about cleanliness, hygiene and sustainable cleaning.

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George Welcomes £5.4m to help save arts and culture organisations in South-West

George Eustice, Member of Parliament for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle has welcomes the new allocation of £5.4 million in funding from the government to help protect cultural organisations in the South-West region.  As part of this fund, Cornwall will receive £540,000 to protect four “cultural gems…

Hayle lido sign, 20th October

For s9me time now the sign to the pool is facing St. Elwyns church, surely it’s better to have no sign that one pointing in the opposite direction?
Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Church Hall, 12 Hayle Terrace, Hayle
Report on FixMyStreet
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Hayle lido sign, 20th October

For s9me time now the sign to the pool is facing St. Elwyns church, surely it’s better to have no sign that one pointing in the opposite direction?
Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Church Hall, 12 Hayle Terrace, Hayle
Report on FixMyStreet
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Funding Secured for Redruth’s Historic High Street’s Recovery

George Eustice, Member of Parliament for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle has welcomed the new funding that has been secured to help regenerate Redruth’s High Street. Historic England has today announced that the project will receive £1.68m in funding giving it the green light to begin local recovery…
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