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Nearly 300,000 signed petition (and another cute hedgehog!)

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  • Nearly 300,000 (and another cute hedgehog!)

    Hugh Warwick
    Oxford, United Kingdom

    8 Oct 2018 —

    Good morning hedgehog-fans - and again - THANK YOU!

    As we got to 250k I thought, that is what I dreamed of ... now nearly at 300k and there is no sign of stopping yet!

    I am asked all the time what else we can do to help hedgehogs, other than the making a hole in the fence Hedgehog Street style ... well at this time of year making sure that hedgehogs have got somewhere to build their winter nest, known as a hibernaculum, is crucial. We ran a Hedgehog Housing Census - that showed hedgehog houses do get used. But we must also make sure our gardens are not too tidy! They need leaves to insulate their nests. Lots more top tips to be found at the BHPS - British Hedgehog Preservation Society - especially information on what to do if you find a hog out in daytime ... it WILL need care.

    To find out a little more about why I have become so involved with hedgehogs ... look here.

    And you need another cute hedgehog photo .... it is only fair (a rescue hedgehog from Little Foxes that was about to be released).

    Thank you again - and PLEASE - keep sharing the petition - there are people who love hedgehog all over the world who can sign this too!

    your prickly friend....


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