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190606 | 17.a Railway Timetable, lack of regular stops at Hayle Station


a) To discuss the recently published railway timetable and the concerns regarding the lack of regular stops at Hayle Station

Councillors were grateful to both Great Western Railway (GWR) and Cornwall Council (CC) that  more  trains were  stopping  in  Hayle  and  that  the  service  on  the  whole  had  continued  to improve however concern was expressed that were still some gaps in the timetable, particularly for those commuting to Truro and or travelling on Sundays. Some members were dismayed that the timetable did not provide the promised 1 hour service but understood that this could be work in  progress  and  hoped  that  the  timetable  would  be  further  enhanced  in  December.Another member, who regularly commutes to work, confirmed that she was delighted with the improved service and actually felt that Hayle was now well served Monday to Saturday but accepted that Sunday’s timetable could still be improved.

The mayor confirmed that he and Councillor Roden had attended the launch event last week and they had met and entered into discussion with Joe Graham, a Director of GWR, who was based in Bristol. During their conversation he explained that some station improvements were planned for  Hayle,  including  the  installation  of  some  sort  of  purchasing  mechanism,  which  everyone agreed would be a positive.

It was resolved that HTC would send a letter to Joe Graham from GWR inviting him to attend a future meeting regarding further improvements to the timetable and station, explaining that the town council is grateful for the improved timetable and is willing to work with GWR to ensure that future timetables and the station improvement plans meets the town’s needs