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2019 Defibrillator update

2019 Defibrillator update

Defibrillators are most effective when placed so they can be accessed as quickly as possible, and ideally within 3 minutes.

With the village having two hills and a long road along the river, that's a challenge with a single defibrillator. So the defibrillator team has been working on getting more defibrillators to cover the village.

They've managed to access enough funding to get three more defibrillators for the village.

Further to last year's meeting, the intent was to have one at the Community Centre, and another near the viaduct on Riverside with the location of the 4th machine to be decided at the meeting. They all need an electrical connection to keep them charged.

There's also an opportunity for some more training - either beginners, or if you would like a refresher course.

Click here to register your interest in Defibrillator Additional Training once we have an idea of numbers we can organise some sessions.