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181206 | Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East and Hayle West | LGBC Final recommendations

The changes we have proposed must now be approved by Parliament.

A draft Order - the legal document which brings into force our recommendations - will now be laid before Parliament.

The draft Order will provide for new electoral arrangements for Cornwall to be implemented at the local elections in 2021.


Gwinear - Gwithian & Hayle East and Hayle West


Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East and Hayle West Map

 Division Name  Number of councillors  Variance 2023
 Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East  1  5%
 Hayle West  1  4%



66 During the consultation on the draft recommendations, we received over 140
submissions regarding the two divisions in this area. The submissions received
either supported the draft recommendations, or supported an arrangement put
forward by Hayle Town Council, which proposed a different configuration of two
divisions in this area. Cornwall Council acknowledged the robust discussions
surrounding this division pattern, and stated that they supported the draft

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67 Hayle Town Council opposed the draft recommendations, which included the
eastern and northern parts of Hayle parish in a division with the parish of GwinearGwithian.
They instead proposed a Hayle North & Gwithian division and a Hayle
South & Gwinear division, which would split both Hayle and Gwinear-Gwithian
parishes between divisions. The Town Council stated that they believed their
proposals to be preferable as they split the town of Hayle on a similar basis as the
existing divisions, and stated that the parish of Gwinear-Gwithian is already divided
into two distinct and ‘functionally separate’ wards.

68 The proposals put forward by the Town Council were supported by a number of
local residents, 40 of whom submitted a form letter which reinforced the view of the
Town Council. The form letter stated that the way in which the draft
recommendations split the town of Hayle would affect the ‘cohesion’ of the
community, and that the Town Council’s proposals were preferred as they created
two divisions that would be ‘equal in size with similar geography’ that would preserve
existing communities.

69 Other submissions, from residents, and town and county councillors, were also
made in opposition to the draft recommendations. A number of respondents felt that
the Connor Downs area should be split between two divisions, with the split of Hayle
town aligned closely to the existing division boundary in the town. Some respondents
considered that splitting the Ventonleague area of Hayle would be detrimental to the
communities in the area, and that the entire Hayle area should be included in one
division. However, the parish of Hayle is too large to be represented by one
councillor, and too small to be represented by two councillors. It is therefore
necessary to split it between divisions.

70 One local resident disagreed with the proposal to reduce the number of
councillors representing the area; however, due to the overall reduction in council
size across Cornwall, it is necessary to make alterations to the allocation of
members to different areas. Given the size of many of the parishes in Cornwall, and
the spread of the electorate, it is sometimes necessary to have geographically large
divisions – the size of the draft Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East division was queried
by a number of respondents, including a town councillor. The Commission must
have regard to achieving electoral equality, judging the size of a division more on the
number of electors within it than its geographical size. The Mayor of Hayle
expressed concern over the impact of the division proposals on the World Heritage
Site in the area; however, while we do understand the unique nature of the Cornwall
and West Devon Mining Landscape in being designated as a World Heritage Site,
there is no evidence to suggest that the division proposals would negatively impact
on this.

71 We received a submission from a county councillor supporting Hayle Town
Council’s proposal, in which he stated that the draft recommendations would mean

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that one area of Hayle would have greater influence than the other, due to the
allocation of town councillors.

72 Alongside the above comments opposing the draft recommendations, we also
received over 60 submissions in support of the two draft divisions here, from local
residents, a county councillor, and local organisations. A number of these
submissions explicitly opposed each of the iterations of Hayle Town Council’s
proposed division pattern, and some of the submissions were made in support of the
village of Connor Downs being included entirely in one division. Residents of the
area supported the inclusion of Gwinear-Gwithian parish in the same division stating
that it would maintain the integrity of the area, as well as keeping areas with similar
issues together. Respondents stated that the Town Council’s proposals would
provide for two divisions that mixed rural and urban areas, and that this arrangement
would not reflect the values and priorities of the more rural settlements. The
Conservative Party in Cornwall expressed support for the Commission’s draft

73 We also received a number of submissions from Angarrack residents in support
of the draft recommendations, along with submissions supporting the inclusion of
Phillack and the Towans. We received a submission from the Connor Downs
Residents’ Association supporting the draft recommendations, and reiterating their
previous comments regarding the way that the road through Connor Downs acts as
a unifier rather than as a boundary.

74 A submission from Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council provided detailed
information on the range of groups and organisations in the parish that work together
in local areas – for example, the Parish Council referenced the Streetscape project,
which involved groups from across the Gwinear-Gwithian parish to create trafficcalming schemes.

75 On consideration of the evidence received regarding this area during the
consultation, we consider that the draft recommendations provide for the best
adherence to our statutory criteria. Whilst we acknowledge the strength of feeling
behind the submissions made in support of Hayle Town Council’s proposal, we do
not consider that sufficient evidence of community links has been provided to move
away from the draft recommendations. We note that the Council carefully considered
this area and recognised the difficulties in identifying two divisions that would reflect
the statutory criteria, and that after having considered all of the issues in the area,
the Council noted that the draft recommendations should be confirmed as final. We
considered that the information provided in particular by Gwinear-Gwithian Parish
Council regarding the links within their parish was compelling, and that it would be
most appropriate to retain the two divisions here that were proposed as part of the
draft recommendations.

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76 We are therefore confirming our two draft divisions here as final. The singlecouncillor Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East division is forecast to have an electoral
variance of 5% by 2023, and the single-councillor Hayle West division is forecast to
have a variance of 4% by 2023


Gwinear-Gwithian and Hayle East ED Proposed - Local Government Boundary Commission for England Consultation
Hayle West ED Proposed - Local Government Boundary Commission for England Consultation
Gwinear-Gwithian & Hayle East and Hayle West Map

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